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December 9, 2016: Munchkin Messenger Bag Contest Winners!

Santa's bag has some competition now that Warehouse 23 is stuffing Munchkin Messenger Bags with a Munchkin game, expansion, and accessory! And we have a few fans from social media who have won their own holiday surprise:

  • Ann Capion on Facebook
  • @MoxyLane on Twitter

Congratulations to our winners! This bag of joy will bring you lots of wintery wonder this holiday season. Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more chances to win!

If you didn't win, don't worry! These bundles are available on Warehouse 23 until December 15. But make sure you get yours soon, because Warehouse 23 closes that same day! We have to load the sleigh, feed the reindeer, and . . . listen, we're not elves – we have to go home for the holidays. 

But before we head back to the North Pole (hey, rent is cheap, you'd live there too), be sure you take advantage of our other Warehouse . . . [more]

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