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May 29, 2017: Memorial Day Convention Madness!

While you are enjoying an extended weekend, the SJ Games team is all over the place, attending three different conventions! I mean, we're playing games, but sometimes, that's hard work!

Rhea and Randy hit up the midwest with ACD Games Day in Madison, WI. They gave retailers and distributors their first look at some of our upcoming games, and featured a lot of our new releases, like Ghosts Love Candy and Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game. Plus, it's in Madison, the home of John Kovalic, so of course he made an appearance! 

The Texas contingent stayed closer to home at BGG.Spring, an extension of fall's BGG.con. It's a very fun convention with a cozy atmosphere, and a metric ton of games to play. The BoardGameGeek game library is meticulously curated, and having access to it for four straight days is an absolute treat. We had a chance to preview the upcoming Port Royal, full of ships, . . . [more]

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