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February 18, 2019: CMON's Munchkin Dungeon Closes Today!

Our friends at CMON launched their Munchkin Dungeon game on Kickstarter last month, and today the campaign comes to a close with over 5,500 supporters and dozens of Munchkin miniatures. This new game, designed by Andrea Chiarvesio and Eric M. Lang (co-designer of the Munchkin Collectible Card Game), gives you a different way to enjoy the fun and wackiness of the Munchkin world . . . and with as few as you and a friend! Yep! Here's a new two-player Munchkin game, making it much easier to sit down and enjoy the Munchkin experience without the need to put together a group of three or four friends. (We all know how tough it can be for schedules to align.)

Munchkin Dungeon is officially the most-supported Munchkin project to ever hit Kickstarter, and we're looking forward to watching CMON take the game from your crowdfunded dreams to the game table. They've got lots of experience at . . . [more]

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