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January 18, 2017: Dragons Have Invaded Warehouse 23!

As a professional dragon-slayer, (you are, right?) you probably know about Munchkin Dragons and Munchkin Dragon's Trike. Well, you may think you have tackled all the scaly beasts that Munchkin has to offer, but you're wrong. There's one more horde left to battle, and it's available now on Warehouse 23!

Munchkin Dragons: Four More started life as an exclusive promotion, but it's now available for the low cost of $2 – the perfect add-on for any Warehouse 23 order. (Maybe an order that includes the aforementioned Munchkin Dragons and Dragon's Trike.)

With all those dragons, you need something to battle them – heroes like those in Munchkin Princesses and Munchkin Knights! The best part is that these all mix in perfectly to classic Munchkin, so you'll have a lot of backup against the dragon flames. (Well, until your backup stabs you in the back. Sometimes friends are worse than dragons . . . [more]

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