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Your Message From The Illuminati:
You must meet Dick Cheney at left field and get the squamous insect.

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November 30, 2020: Two! Two! Two Separate Announcements!

Because neither one will wait . . .

Illuminati Confirmed Video Game To Be Exposed On Cyber Monday!

Officially licensed by Steve Jackson Games! Check out the new Kickstarter for Illuminati Confirmed, the first video game based on Steve's classic, award-winning Illuminati line, including Illuminati: New World Order and Illuminati 2nd Ed.
Some backer rewards have limited supplies, including an early bird special: For ONE DAY ONLY, all pledges will receive a limited-edition "Black Friday" card to use in the game—see artwork. (Yes, INWO fans, that is a Bjørnë doll.)
The Illuminati are coming for your Windows, Apple, and Android devices in 2021. It is confirmed.
Be sure to follow the game on social media for behind-the-scenes art previews, surveys, and conspiratorial banter.
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Warehouse 23 Black Friday Sale Ends Tomorrow . . .


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