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August 15, 2020: Please Follow Us On Kickstarter

While the majority of our new releases flow through the traditional distribution channels that we have used for decades, a growing number of special projects -- often small, slightly different, or sometimes very large -- are launched using Kickstarter's crowdfunding platform. We have found that Kickstarter is a great resource to bring some lines (Ogre, The Fantasy Trip) to life. Additionally, we turn to Kickstarter when we have an idea that's a little different from our norm (the recent GURPS PDF Challenge, for example) or one where we are 100% not sure whether or not there is enough demand to make the project worth our time (the t-shirt project earlier this summer is one such example).

So that you do not miss out on our crowdfunding efforts (such as Wiz-War, that we plan to launch on Kickstarter just as soon as we're ready), we recommend following both of our Kickstarter accounts:

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