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March 29, 2015: Selecting The Car Wars Arenas Cover

Our Kickstarter project for Car Wars Arenas launches on March 31, 2015, and while discussing the project at the GAMA Trade Show I spent a little time talking about the cover artwork. The cover artwork was first created for Space Gamer #50, and as a kid it was always one of my favorite Car Wars images and I felt it should have been a book cover instead of just a magazine cover.

Well, one of the benefits of my position at Steve Jackson Games is that every now and then I get the opportunity to make a decision based solely on personal preferences. As the plan for Car Wars Arenas came together I started searching through the existing Car Wars back catalog for an appropriate cover. I first thought that the The AADA Duel Circuit: L'Outrance cover would be an excellent choice, but I quickly dismissed the idea because the art was already used for an arena project. I sifted through the options . . . [more]

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