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September 19, 2017: Our Munchkin 15th Anniversary Celebration Concludes With Munchkin Booty!

Yaaar, mates! 

Drop yer anchors for the fourteenth and final entry in our Guest Artist Edition line with Munchkin Booty Guest Artist Edition, illustrated by Tom Siddell. Tom is a British artist who launched Gunnerkrigg Court, a successful science-fantasy webcomic that he has written and illustrated for more than a decade. Through his fans' support at Patreon, Tom is able to update this fun mythology-based narrative three days a week.

We wanted to go out with a cannon blast for Munchkin Booty, and Tom has delivered with this buccaneering good time, complete with crazy pirates and sea creatures in vibrant detail! This Deluxe-style game includes 12 standies and a gameboard. In it, you can: Sail the seven seas. Taunt your foes with your awful Accent. Adorn your Galleon (or your Half-Galleon) with a Figurehead. Slay BlackbeardRedbeard, or even the fearsome Nobeard, and take their stuff . . . [more]

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