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Bud Selig spanks the illegal jet and the treacherous Deep One.

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July 11, 2020: Illuminati 1,000-Piece Puzzle Coming In October

Featuring the classic Illuminati cover artwork by Dave Martin, this 1,000-piece puzzle is scheduled for release in October, making it a great holiday gift for the conspiracy theorists in your life!

The 18" x 24" puzzle shows, in symbolic form, the different ways the Illuminati scheme to take over the world . . . stealth and violence, threats and bribes. The little puppet figure in front became one of the game's icons, and the Eye in the Pyramid itself became the logo of Steve Jackson Games!

It turns out that puzzles are not hard to order - there's a whole industry just waiting for us. So if there are other images that you'd like to see as puzzles, let us know!

-- Steve Jackson

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