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September 28, 2022: Visit Our Discord!

We have a company Discord now. Technically, we've had it for a while, but it has been closed except during FnordCons. It's now open 24/ 7 and we'd love to see you! (I like Discord.)

Current discussion categories are New & Upcoming, Munchkin, Car Wars, Ogre/GEV, Roleplaying Games, and Other Games.  We announce when we launch crowdfunding/preorder campaigns, and we announce when we're going live on stream.

We find ourselves talking about things like RPG campaign overviews, 3d printing projects and strategies, Car Wars game recaps and analysis, discussions of favorite Munchkin sets, and favorite weird promos found over the years.

We have no regularly scheduled live events . . . yet . . . but we'll see how things grow. Our staff irregularly appears on the Discord and makes brilliant comments, and sometimes the other kind too.

This is the invite link to join the server: . . . [more]

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September 27, 2022: Roll The Deck! Unlocking Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Our new Pick a Card Dice set is scheduled to reach game stores late this year and right now, on Kickstarter, we're funding Roll the Deck! So far, the campaign has unlocked five different stretch goals, upgrading the $18 and higher reward levels with more stuff!

Available in PDF and print, Roll the Deck! is an A6-sized booklet of 11 different games, every single one of which you can play with friends and family. The Kickstarter campaign also offers the new Pick a Card Dice for those of you who wish to grab both at once. Just remember that the dice pack is scheduled for release to stores and you can always buy the set at your local store while selecting only the book in the Kickstarter campaign.

The project closes on October 3. Join us today!

-- Phil Reed

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September 26, 2022: Kickstarter's Witchstarter Event

Kickstarter sometimes runs site-wide promotions, encouraging creators to construct projects around a common theme. Their Zine Quest events, perhaps the most successful of Kickstarter's theme months, led to the creation of the Hexagram series for The Fantasy Trip (the 10th issue just funded on Kickstarter!). Now they've announced a site-wide event for October that we may participate in if our concepts shake out properly.

Witchstarter, announced here, is described as:

". . . our first open call for Magic & Divination projects. To participate, launch a project in the theme of magic and the occult, or discover new favorites to pledge to. We'll give an extra promotional boost to projects that follow the theme. Deck or dice, book or board game, ideas for Witchstarter projects may span any category on Kickstarter."

Magic and games? Yeah, we've got some ideas. Maybe one will shape up in . . . [more]

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September 25, 2022: Gate – A New Fanzine For TFT

I am delighted to announce that a Kickstarter is underway for a new TFT fanzine: Gate, which will be published by our long-time supporter and contributor, Alvin Helms.

You can read more, and support it, here. It has already made its basic goal . . . but there are stretch goals to increase the awesomeness even further.

Alvin's plan is for 48 pages – bigger than Hexagram! – in a similar format. (So it will fit in a Vault with your Hexagrams!)

To quote Alvin: "All of it is wholly Unofficial, and some of it is downright Heretical. But that's the nature of a Gate – it transports you to somewhere new and different. So brace yourself, and step through . . ."

It may be "unofficial," but this project has the blessings of the Powers that Be - that is to say, me. I'm awaiting it with great anticipation.

-- Steve Jackson

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September 24, 2022: What's In A Typical Container?

We ship several containers loaded with games and accessories each year, with as many as two or three containers on the water at once during the busy season. Currently, a single container is making its way around the world and is expected to land at our primary warehouse in October. What's in the incoming container? A mix of new releases and reprints of some of our evergreen titles. (What's an evergreen? That's a game that continues to sell, day in and day out, and is an important part of our back catalog.)

The upcoming container includes:

  • 12 Dice of Christmas
  • Bad Christmas
  • Illuminati
  • Munchkin Deluxe
  • Munchkin 4 - Need for Steed
  • Munchkin 5 - De-Ranged
  • Munchkin 7 - Cheat With Both Hands
  • Munchkin 8 - Half Horse, Will Travel
  • Munchkin 10 - TIme Warp
  • Munchkin Unicorns
  • Munchkin Warhammer 40,000
  • Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 - Cults and Cogs
  • Pick A Card Dice
  • Seven Deadly Sins Die
  • The Elder Futhark . . .


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