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August 24, 2016: Munchkin Comics #20 In Stores Now!

You can't feel gloomy and mixed up while reading Munchkin comics! Well, actually, you can if the comic issue is based on Munchkin Gloom and Moop's Monster Mashup. What a coincidence, then, that those are the games featured in Munchkin #20 from BOOM! Studios!

The first tale, "Tomb of Gloom," finds our adventurous duo of Spyke and Flower learning the grim history of Abbey Seadey from the mysterious monk who runs it. What happened to the previous explorers of the tomb? Why does the monk know so much? And why didn't Spyke just find a hotel? Only a couple of these questions will be answered. "Moop's Mini Misadventure" is the first comic appearance of Moop, the titular star of Moop's Monster Mashup! We also find out why being a wizard's assistant is not a glamorous job, and when to stop springing puns on people. (The answer is never. There are never too many puns.) 

In the back, you'll . . . [more]

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