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November 21, 2017: Munchkin Musings: November 2017

Hello from the land of ice and snow! . . . I mean, of Munchkin. (I have Thor: Ragnarok on the brain.)

The biggest news this month is the success of the Munchkin Starfinder Kickstarter project. Almost 1,300 backers (ONE short! Agggh!) pledged over $84,000 to make this game happen. As of this writing, we're getting a steady stream of illustrations from Howard Tayler and are just wrapping up the final playtesting before sending the whole shebang to our production wizards for layout. We're planning to get this to print in early December, which is a tight deadline . . . but we have the right team to make it happen. The BackerKit is open right now for people who want to add to their Kickstarter pledge or who missed the Kickstarter entirely and want to preorder some games and swag – and some of the extras are not planned to be sold through distribution, so this is the best . . . [more]

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