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March 23, 2017: Ogre 40th Anniversary Release: Ogre Reinforcement Pack

When too many is not enough . . .

G.E.V., and later Shockwave, provided us with different maps upon which to wage our battles. This was a good thing. GEVs screamed up the waterways while Heavy Tanks crashed through the woods, with those pesky Infantry running here, there, and everywhere, being so difficult to root out. Scores of futuristic battles played out on our floors, beds, and tables, with hundreds more envisioned in our heads.

What we didn't have were the means to create those massive battles, stretching across fields of fire, with entire companies being thrown into the fray. Unless we were willing to purchase extra copies of G.E.V. and/or Shockwave (or had a friend with a copy!), we had to accept the limitations of the maps and the quantity of units in the base sets.

Ogre Reinforcement Pack changed that dynamic overnight.

First released in 1987 and later reprinted in 2000, Ogre . . . [more]

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