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October 10, 2015: An Extraordinary Day At The CBCC With Superhero Kids!

Some of you may recall that we partnered with local non-profit Superhero Kids, which supports the Children's Blood Cancer Center at Dell's Childrens Hospital, for our Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe Launch event at Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy. We held a charity eBay auction of signed games to raise money to benefit Superhero Kids.

We're excited to report that we were able to raise $500, thanks to the generosity of our fans!

As a follow up, Samia Joseph of Superhero Kids invited us to tour the CBCC facilities. We met the Development Coordinator Mary Frasher, who guided us through. While there, we were able to present the check to Samia and Superhero Kids, as well as see the work that is done to support the young patients who are going through tremendous challenges.

The CBCC was an impressive facility, but it was also warm and inviting. The rooms are each decorated with a theme (our favorite . . . [more]

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