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N E W   R E L E A S E S 

Shipped November 12, 2018

GURPS Spaceships

Three, two, one . . . Blast off!

GURPS Spaceships is the long-awaited companion to GURPS Space, presenting rules for spacecrafts of every size and function. It covers spaceship design, travel, and operations, along with a (mapless) space-combat system.

The ship design and operation rules in GURPS Spaceships are quick to learn and easy to put into action, with a maximum of colorful options. It takes only minutes to build even the largest spaceship. And the design systems are augmented by straightforward space travel and combat systems, to get you into space right away.

GURPS Spaceships requires only the GURPS Basic Set, but GURPS Space is highly recommended for its guidelines on stardrives, characters, campaigns, and settings.

70 black-and-white pages. Softcover. Stock #01-6008, ISBN 978-1-55634-816-7. $15.95.

Munchkin Party Pack

There's no party like a Munchkin party!

Party like a munchkin with the Munchkin Party Pack! It contains a 15-card mini-expansion that you can add to all your Munchkin games, as well as three copies each of five NEW Munchkin cards to give away to your friends as party favors!

30 cards in a tuckbox. Stock #1572, ISBN 080742099678. $9.95.

Munchkin Collectible Card Game: Grave Danger Booster

Laugh in the face of danger – Grave Danger!

This expansion for the Munchkin Collectible Card Game helps you build a deck that's more fun than a barrel of mummies! Each booster pack contains 12 randomized cards, at least one of which is rare or better. It's a killer addition to your CCG collection!

12 cards, including at least one rare (or better than rare!) card. Stock #4513, ISBN 080742099722. $3.95.

Shipped November 5, 2018

Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cowabunga, dude! Take on the role of your favorite "heroes in a half-shell" as you fight monsters and grab their loot! Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles combines the gameplay of Munchkin with the beloved characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe.

In Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you and your friends race to get to the Level 10 Pizza Parlor. The first one there gets to eat for free! Play as one of the Turtles, or you could pick Casey or April. The game includes a new Team-Up mechanic that lets you gain bonuses for working together, and you can personalize your character with different Katas, Stances, Allies, and Items.

This game is available in two different formats: Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe. Both versions feature new art from iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman, along with artist Tadd Galusha! The Deluxe edition features character standees and a custom level tracker, and is available this year only at GameStop.

Kickstarter Versions

This game was first offered through Kickstarter in three different formats: Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe, and Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe Ultimate Edition. Both Deluxe editions feature character standees and a custom level tracker, plus bonus Kickstarter-exclusive Character cards. The Deluxe Ultimate Edition features variant, retro-style coloring reminiscent of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics published over 30 years ago. These versions were offered exclusively to backers, and are not available for sale.

Game Design by Steve Jackson & Jon Cohn Art by Kevin Eastman and Todd Galusha Stock #01527, UPC 827714015270. $24.95.

Shipped October 25, 2018

R E P R I N T S 

Shipped October 25, 2018

GURPS Celtic Myth (Reprint)

Isles of the Mighty

Standing stones. Headhunting and human sacrifice. Lusty kings and cattle-raiding queens. Naked warriors painted blue. Mysterious druids and crafty Sidhe. The Celtic world was full of strange enchantments and bloody battles.

Enter a world of feasting and fighting, where magic is everywhere and glory is everything. In this book you'll find:

  • Tales of the ancient Irish and Welsh heroes.
  • A wealth of Celtic character types, with plenty of new advantages and disadvantages – including gesas, the mystic prophecies and taboos that ruled the life and death of every Celt.
  • The Druids: their arcane teachings and enigmatic magic. A new Druidic tree-magic system including the standard GURPS spells, plus new Celtic ones, grouped according to ancient natural categories.
  • The uncanny powers of the Sidhe, children and fathers of gods, and rules for creating characters with Faerie blood and powers of their own . . .
  • Willful weapons, magical and powerful, with their own personalities and motives.

Return to a time when a battle or a wonder was around every corner, and the Otherworld was only a step away . . .

130 black-and-white pages. Softcover. Stock #01-6036, ISBN 978-1-55634-849-5. $22.95.

Shipped October 25, 2018

GURPS Vikings (Reprint)

"From the fury of the Norsemen, oh Lord, deliver us!" So prayed the Irish monks.

To the victims of a Viking raid, the Norsemen were bearded giants with bloody axes. But the Viking was much more – a skilled navigator, a brave explorer, a hard-working trader. A dreamer whose songs and stories live even today. And a Viking was a free man – a man to whom honor and reputation were more important than life itself.

Vikings is a complete guide to the Norse world, including maps, historical background, and details on society and religion. You can game any sort of Viking campaign, from fully realistic to magical and cinematic. Create a historical campaign, with sea battles, duels and bloody raids – or become a legendary berserker for mythic adventures with Thor and Odin!

130 black-and-white pages. Softcover. Stock #01-6037, ISBN 978-1-55634-850-1. $22.95.

Shipped October 25, 2018

GURPS Atomic Horror (Reprint)

Watch the Skies!

Alien invaders! Giant lizards from another age! Flesh-eating zombies! Colossal insects! Mad scientists! Blobs! Only you can defend humanity, civilization, and the American Way from these terrible horrors.

GURPS Atomic Horror contains everything you need to roleplay the science-fiction and horror movies of the 1950s. The campaign can be as scary as The Thing, as dramatic as The Day the Earth Stood Still, as strange as Little Shop of Horrors, or as goofy as Plan 9 From Outer Space – the choice is yours. Characters can be square-jawed scientists and military men, heroic explorers, misunderstood teenagers, cold-war spies, G-men, gangsters . . . or just ordinary folks caught up in unearthly weirdness.

GURPS Atomic Horror contains:

  • A comprehensive guide to '50s politics, society, and attitudes suitable for any campaign – not just science fiction/horror.
  • Five new alien races, completely described and ready to invade the Earth. In fact, some of them are already here!
  • Guidelines for creating more than a dozen different kinds of movie monsters, from gill-men to carnivorous plants to living human brains in jars.
  • Alternate world campaign ideas, like a '50s where the Nazis won World War II, or a futuristic '50s where our own flying saucers conquer space.
  • A detailed filmography listing dozens of '50s science horror films, from the classics to the turkeys.

130 black-and-white pages. Softcover. Stock #01-6038, ISBN 978-1-55634-851-8. $22.95.

W 2 3 

Shipped November 15, 2018

TFT Adventure: The Chaos Triads

A dying heir, an abandoned mine, and a closely-held secret figure into this gamemastered adventure for The Fantasy Trip, as a group of heroes set forth on a mission of mercy. But they are not the first to take on this quest, and the actions of their predecessors will bring them up against the edge of Chaos itself. Can they survive an encounter with the Chaostained? The Chaos Triads is an adventure by veteran writer Steven Marsh worthy to kick off the return of the classic Steve Jackson roleplaying game, and includes a labyrinth map, new counters, and new cut-and-paste labyrinth tiles to use with the ones included in The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition set.

12-page PDF. Stock #37-5531, $5.00.

Shipped November 1, 2018

GURPS Steampunk 2: Steam and Shellfire

As GURPS Steampunk 1: Settings and Style explores in detail, steampunk riffs liberally on Victorian backdrops, costumes, and manners for its look and feel. Yet as stylish as that window dressing is, what steampunk is about is extraordinary technology rooted in late 18th- through early 20th-century "what ifs." That is where GURPS Steampunk 2: Steam and Shellfire picks up the story.

This catalog is packed with historical gear, speculative tech, and outright mad science for Steam Age heroes and villains to use and invent. It covers steam power, telegraphy, tools, and plausible armor and weapons . . . but also powered armor, guns that never were (including ray guns), calculating machines, mechanical men, and more. This assemblage of the astounding is essential for anyone telling tales of Difference Engines, clockwork carbines, and potions worthy of Dr. Jekyll.

55-page PDF. Stock #37-0344, $10.00.
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New!  * Coming November  * Coming December  * Coming January  * Coming February  * Coming March  * Coming April  * Further Out  * Previously Shipped...  * All upcoming releases – text only, no cover art

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